Sugaring vs. Waxing, the dilemma of preferred hair removal

Sugaring vs. Waxing, the dilemma of preferred hair removal

When it comes to professional hair removal, the most popular methods are sugaring and waxing. For clients who prefer a less painful, longer-lasting, and more eco-friendly hair removal experience, sugaring is the superior choice. In this blog post, we will explore the key differences between sugaring and waxing, highlighting why sugaring hair removal is the preferred option for both clients and beauty salons.

1. Pain Level

One of the primary concerns for clients seeking hair removal is pain. Sugaring offers a significantly less painful experience compared to waxing. Here's why:

- Sugaring paste is applied at body temperature (approx 36-38°C), which is much gentler on the skin compared to hot wax.
- Sugaring adheres only to the hair and dead skin cells, not the live skin cells, resulting in less discomfort during hair removal.
- In intimate areas (Brazilians) like the delicate labia, sugaring is the preferred choice for hair removal due to its ability to target only hair without adhering to live skin cells. This makes sugaring considerably less painful and safer compared to waxing, which can potentially tear the skin. 

2. Ingrown Hairs

Sugaring is renowned for its ability to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs. This is due to the following reasons:

- Sugaring paste is applied against the direction of hair growth to seep the soft sugar into the hair follicles, then extracted in the natural direction of hair growth (similar to tweezing direction) minimising the likelihood of hair breakage and ingrown hairs.
- The natural ingredients in the sugar paste exfoliates the skin gently, preventing hair follicles from becoming trapped. Sugar paste is considered a form of "professional peeling" removing the excess build up of dead skin cells. 

-With sugaring there is a requirement for clients to follow home care routines which will reduce the pain of sugaring but also prevent and treat pre-existing ingrown hairs. 

3. Long-Lasting Results

Clients love sugaring because it delivers long-lasting results. Sugaring extracts in the natural direction meaning no hair breakage but ALSO the hairs extracted in sugaring are in anagen phase (short hairs). With regular sugaring treatments hair regrowth is slower, finer, and less dense. This means fewer trips to the salon and more extended periods of smooth, hair-free skin.  

Explained: Sugaring we prefer clients to have shorter hair, in the anagen hair growth phase: less painful during sugar application and it takes the body a longer period to re-grow new hairs.   Compared to waxing, with strip and hot wax it is preferred to that the hairs are slightly longer so the wax can grip the hair, the hairs are often in Catagen and Telogen growth phase, this means that the hairs will grow back sooner.

4. Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

Beauty salons also prefer sugaring for several practical reasons:

- Sugaring paste can hygienically be used for multiple areas with the same ball of paste, making it a cost-effective solution. Where supplies cost only $2 but sugaring example a armpit (charging $25) and then the same clients brazilian (charging $60) giving you $83 in profit after $2 in supplies is an amazing profit margin! 
- There are fewer single-use items involved in the sugaring process, reducing waste and contributing to a more eco-friendly salon environment. The sugar paste is 100% natural! Also, no more sticks, strips, chemical wax removers and the abundance of required wax to wax example full legs (can easily go through half a can). 

5. Client Satisfaction

Ultimately, what matters most to beauty salons is client satisfaction. Sugaring consistently leads to happier clients for the following reasons:

- The gentle and less painful nature of sugaring creates a more positive salon experience.
- Clients appreciate the longer-lasting results, reducing the frequency of salon visits.
- Reduced ingrown hairs and skin irritation contribute to overall client satisfaction.

6. Profitability

Beauty salons that offer sugaring as a hair removal option often find it to be more profitable in the long run. While the initial investment in sugaring paste may be slightly higher of the actual container of sugar vs the price of wax, the minimal amount paste per area PLUS used for multiple areas offsets the cost substantially. Additionally, satisfied clients are more likely to become repeat customers and for your other services, boosting a salon's profitability.


Sugaring is the preferred choice for both clients and beauty salons when it comes to hair removal. Its benefits, including less pain, fewer ingrown hairs, longer-lasting results, eco-friendliness, and increased profitability, make it the superior option. Clients can enjoy a smoother, more comfortable experience, while salons can thrive by offering this sought-after service. Consider making the switch to sugaring for a sweet and satisfying hair removal experience for your clients and your beauty business! Your clients will be just as passionate and excited as you and your staff will be.


Written by Aimee Kellerman, CIDESCO endorsed sugaring educator.

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