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    Whether you’ve just recently started your business or you’ve been in the beauty industry for a while now, you already know that sugaring hair removal is taking on mass media attention and for a good reason!

    Sugaring hair removal is the key to making a bigger impact on growing your business, earning more of that sweet money, honey, and reducing consumable expenses.

    ....BUT it comes down to who you learnt the sugaring techniques from.

CIDESCO-Endorsed Sugaring Hair Removal Education

Enroll in the ONLY CIDESCO-endorsed sugaring certification program and receive one of the highest standards of international beauty and spa therapy education.

"CIDESCO is represented by the leading schools and colleges of the world in over 40 countries across 5 continents which offer the internationally acclaimed CIDESCO standards and qualifications."

This program is one of the most comprehensive and engaging sugaring programs available today. It promotes the highest standards of education, so you can be confident in knowing that you are learning from the best.
Designed to provide a deep understanding of sugaring hair removal, this course not only covers techniques, but also dives into the theory that will separate professionals from novice practitioners.

  • Step 1 - Sign up

    Enroll in the CIDESCO-endorsed sugaring certificate program and receive one of the highest standards of international beauty and spa therapy education. You and your team will benefit from the convenience of online learning. This online portion aims to provide students with the theory and practical skills necessary to perform sugaring hair removal.

    • For the course curriculum chapters, see below.

  • Step 2 - Order Starter kit

    This is the mandatory starter kit that you will work with when practicing your sugaring techniques.
    This starter kit is everything you need to use during practicing the knowledge you learnt from Step 1, and to kick start your sugaring journey.

    Click here to view the Professional starter kit.

    Click here to view the Retail starter kit (not mandatory but recommended to avoid ingrown hairs).

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  • Step 3 - Hands-On Training

    Schedule your hands-on training with your educator.

    Get some models to practice the techniques learnt in the course.

    Re-watch the videos as you will continue to gain new valuable information to master your sugaring skills.

What will you learn?

Hygiene protocols, treating ingrown hair, how to properly pickup and blend pastes, techniques, and a variety of other important topics. Below is the curriculum:

  1. Benefits and environmental impact
  2. Anatomy of hair and skin
  3. Ingrown hair and solutions
  4. Sanitation and hygiene
  5. Equipment and professional product overview
  6. Client consultations
  7. Practicing the technique
  8. Preparation and application of paste
  9. Demonstrations: Sugaring each body area (all except intimate). Legs, Arms, Armpits, Back , Chest, Buttocks, Bikini, Full Face, Brows, Upper lip, Ears and Nose.
  10. Troubleshooting
  11. Marketing and business development (BONUS)

Additionally, you will gain access to a free resource library to help get your sugaring business up and running which includes a sugaring consultation form, marketing material such as customisable social media posts and print-at-home signage, service time and cost calculation.

What's the process?

Step 1 - Online training
With short videos, lessons and chapter quizzes. Learn the theory, hygiene practices, products, and solutions critical to your success
[Hands-on practicing]
You will also have hands-on practice sugaring at home - using your sugaring starter kit.

Step 2 - In-Person Training
Together with your educator you will fine tune your skills and identify and work on your individual needs.

This portion of the course will get you ready in preparation for the final assessment to ensure you have the confidence in your sugaring technique to complete the final assignment (step 3). 

Step 3) Certification.
Part 1 - Assessment of theory: You will complete this online; 55 questions and unlimited retry attempts. 

Part 2 - Assessment of technique: You will complete this with us. We will go over techniques to ensure you are best positioned to pass the program.

Please note: To participate in the program, you will be registered with both Savvy Certification and CIDESCO International.
Consent to their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is required.

Starter kit for Training

This kit is mandatory for the success of your training. You will need this to complete the practicing necessary in the online training, and for practicing your new skill.

1x Double Digital Sugar Warmer
1x Tamara's Organic Ultra
1x Tamara's Organic Smooth
1x Tamara's Organic Strong
1x Tamara's Pre-Sugar Cleanser 473 ml
1x Tamara's Body Tonic 237 ml
1x Tamara's Drying Powder 118 ml
1x Tamara's After Sugar Lotion 473 ml
1x Tamara's Soothing Oil 30 ml

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  • Fully Online CIDESCO Sugaring Certification

    Whether you are new to sugaring or looking to advance your skills- Sugaring can be learnt online!

    A unique educational program designed to suit the needs of your business and learning experience.

    • Interested in fully online?
      Click here to enroll in the fully online, self paced CIDESCO-endorsed Sugaring certification program.
  • Advanced Certification Courses

    Already certified in Sugaring and want to dive deeper into the techniques of sugaring hair removal?

    Check out our "Refresher course" Tamara's Edition.

    See below to learn more and register for advanced certification programs via our online educational platform in collaboration with Savvy Certification.