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Tamara's Professional

Retail Starter Kit

Retail Starter Kit

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Professional service providers, need to provide professional home care solutions. Without home care products, your therapists are only doing half the work, leaving clients to potentially develop skin issues such as ingrown hairs, and may not come back for services.

It would be like a fitness coach hearing that you want to loose weight, but then only gives you work out programs and no nutrition or diet advice.. you will not achieve the weight loss results you were hoping for.

Selling retail is providing a solution for a skin concern and preventing any from starting in the first place. Part of being a high performing skin & beauty therapist, is the ability to do a proper skin consultation every single appointment. Part of that skin consultation is to identify if the client has a skin concern such as ingrown hairs, pigmentation, skin blemishes or dead skin to name a few.

Our therapists have the gift to connect with the clients both on a personal and professional level. Trust is the foundation of a long-lasting client relationship. By not recommending home care solutions, they may buy something that they think is good, and risk getting a reaction, or simply not getting any better thinking it is because of the sugaring.

Our Retail Starter kit is our absolute TOP SELLERS that clients buy again and again. Purchase this retail starter kit for the perfect retail bundle which we know will be flying off your shelf! Why? Because they simply work, and they contain key active ingredients like AHA's, BHA's, hyaluronic acids, etc.

Tamara's Sugar Retail range is by far the best for treating ingrown hairs and other skin concerns.

New Customer Discount

As a new customer you can benefit by getting 20% off your entire first product order with a one time discount code "Kickstart".
The price for this starter kit with the discount code will be only $286 CAD with your "new customer" discount, compared to the original price 357 CAD. 

The Retail Starter Kit includes:

3x Soothing Oil 1 oz
3x Tamara's Body Soothe Lotion 8 oz
3x Sweet Exfoliator Moisture Serum 4 oz
3x Tamanu Repair Balm 56g
3x Tamara's On The Go Exfoliator Pads 50 ct

*1 tester of each product is included when you buy 2 retail starter kits (6 of each product). Max 1 tester of each product, regardless how many starter kits you order.

NOTE: If you have multiple treatment rooms or an established business with a steady clientele, you may want to consider adding multiple starter kits or more products to your purchase order. You can simply 'continue shopping' add additional items to your cart. If you aren't sure or need help deciding on your opening order, contact us.


*Images displayed are not a true likeliness of your starter kit, view the list above.

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